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We have been active as a commercial agent towards wholesalers in the floristry industry since 2001. Starting 2011 we’ve expanded our service with import in the field of garden design and decorative items from Asia and various European countries. After having started our own collection of garden furniture aimed at the private market, the extension toward dealers and B2B soon was made. Thanks to our Asian contacts and our knowledge of the floristry industry, the business side underwent an enormous growth, which resulted in the establishment of the current Verlin-Trading BV at the end of 2013. Thereby, in addition to our own import activities, we are much better able to meet the requirements of our customers, however large or small.
With each other, for each other
Verlin-Trading BV serves as a purchaser for manufacturers, importers, and wholesalers from the floristry and garden decoration industry, but we also take on aimed search requests for garden centres. While for some clients we mostly take care of the contact and the processing with the manufacturer and the transportation, other clients ask us to find a suitable collection, a desired article or the right partner with whom they can work out their own ideas. Especially our visits to local Asian manufacturers are an advantage, enabling us to create a more profound cooperation.


Our collection
With the exclusive label TJILLZ, Verlin-Trading BV has its own collection of garden furniture, which is available exclusively through our own dealer network. This collection varies from small manageable, foldable beach loungers and floating cushions, to large upholstered weatherproof lounge sets. In this collection, the starting points are quality and user convenience. For the lounge sets for example, high-quality Sunbrella fabrics are used, whereby cushions and such can stay outside throughout the year. For more information about this collection please refer to our TJILLZ-website.
Your collection
Whilst for importers - who are often already in the possession of an extensive assortment - we function as a partner that looks after their interests and maintains contact with manufacturers, wholesalers and garden centres often use us as purchaser. These companies often are more aimed at a certain product or season line which cannot be fulfilled by their current suppliers. By means of an extensive network in large parts of China we start a targeted search for the desired product, or a factory that would be able to develop the product. In addition, by starting a search for multiple smaller parties, we are able to join forces, to bring about better purchase prices, and to share the costs, in which containers, joined containers or LCL-freights offer a solution.

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If you have questions, comments or an application, please use the contact form below. We will then make an appointment with you. Mail is also possible to:info@verlin.nl

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